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Human Factors Methods

Expectation Gap Measurement(異なるアクター間の誤解の評価手法)


The purpose of this research is to propose a model that describes and categorizes the expectation gap between different persons and groups/stakeholders. Based on the concept of mutual beliefs and a theory of expectation, a model of the perception gap between different actors is deductively constructed along with the formulation of model components. Several theoretical and practical implications of the model are presented. Using a case-study approach, the applicability and partial validity of the proposal is shown. The model provides a detailed description and categorization of the perception gap between different actors. A model-based method could describe and identify the different types of perception gap between different actors. This study contributes to the better understanding of inter- and intra-personal perception gap and provides a basis for future theoretical and empirical research about perception gap between different actors under various contexts.


Gap between Expectation and Beliefs
Various Types of Perception Gap

Communication Analysis(チーム発話分析手法)


Reliability Test