Research Interest

My research interests center around human-centered systems design, operation, management, and governance for system safety and resilience (CSE-SR).  My current work covers modeling and simulations of team cooperation and multi-organizational coordination, designing a resource-centric framework for business continuity planning (BCP), modeling and simulation of society-technology-policy nexus for resilience optimization, and knowledge management for a resilient society.  

安全でレジリエントな社会技術システムの人間中心デザイン・オペレーション・マネジメントに関する研究を行っています(Cognitive Systems Engineering for Safety and Resilience)。特に、チーム協調・組織連携のモデリング&シミュレーション、災害レジリエントな社会のための事業・業務継続計画(BCP)開発、社会-技術-政策の複合システムのモデリング&シミュレーション、レジリエント社会のための知識マネジメントに関する研究、等を行っています。


Cognitive Systems Engineering/Human-Centric Systems Engineering

Research Keywords

Society-Technology-Policy Nexus, Adaptive/Resilient Systems Engineering, Human Modeling for Social Intelligence, Agent-based Simulation, Human-Centric H-AI Integration, Human-Centric Disaster Resilience, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Complex Resilient Systems, etc. 

Research Methods and Approach

Human Modeling, Human Factors Methods, Agent-Based Simulation, Software Development, Field Observation, Cognitive Experiment, Qualitative Research Methods, Network and Data Analysis, Human-Centered Systems Thinking, Multi-Disciplinary Approach, International Collaboration, etc. 


Field Observation & Survey

Participatory Experiment

Agent-based Simulation

Software Development

Human Modeling & Theory Development

Data Analysis

HFE Methods