Meeting Engineering

Cognitive Analysis of Complex Problem Solving


Experimental settings

Gamified Self-Facilitation for Effective CPS

This research aims to develop context-versatile, lightweight, cognition-oriented facilitation guidelines for daily complex problem-solving meetings.  After the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized the effectiveness of problem-solving in different collaboration formats needs to be considered. Hence in this research, we investigate not only face-to-face but also online collaboration. The outcome of this research shall develop an in-depth understanding of differences in cognitive patterns on various collaboration platforms and eliminate the ineffectiveness of problem-solving meetings.  Based on the insights obtained in the experiments,  we proposed a set of cognition-oriented guidelines, and we further converted the guidelines into a board game in the current phase. The latest experiment results show that following the guidelines can enhance the performance of balancing all elements in a problem scenario, especially for the discussions carried out online. At the same time, the gamified self-facilitation works well on improving solving a single pre-determined goal in face-to-face collaboration.


Facilitation cards