Resilient BCP

- adaptive continuity and recovery-

Resource-Focused BCP Framework(リソース中心のBCP)

This study aims to establish a new framework for simple design and evaluation of business continuity and recovery plan (BCP) called “resource-centric BCP”. The resources referred to here are human resources, including staff and service users; physical resources such as materials, devices, and facilities; information necessary for making decisions and taking actions; money; and trust and credibility. The underlying problems in business continuity, business recovery, and disaster response are related to resource management, that is, how to handle resource shortages and maximize the utility of limited resources. Therefore, how to best “protect” resources, “handle the lack of” resources, and “quickly source” resources for business continuity and recovery should be considered while developing BCPs. This framework provides a comprehensive categorization of the continuity and recovery actions and countermeasures that should be considered regarding critical resources, which makes it easier to design and share BCP contents.

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R-centric BCP Framework

Optimization and Evaluation of Resource-Focused BCP(事業継続計画の評価・最適化シミュレーション)